Call for Proposals for Mini-symposiums, Contributed Talks and Poster Presentations

Proposals for the mini-symposium organizers, contributed talks and poster presentations are now being accepted.

All presentations will be given by Zoom.

Call for Minisymposia

Please follow the SIAM guidelines for preparing a Minisymposium Proposal.

Update:  Each Minisymposium session is 80 minutes for four speakers.  We recommend that each session uses the first 60 minutes for presentations (so each presentation uses 15 minutes) and the remaining 20 minutes for questions and answers.

Complete the proposal request form for minisymposia.

Call for Contributed Talk or Poster Presentation.

Complete the proposal request form for contributed talk or poster presentation.

For the poster session, you will be provided a 36"H x 48"W cardboard display board and push pins. Posters should be displayed by 6:15 pm. One poster per individual. You must be present for the Poster Session on Saturday from 6:30-7:00 pm.

Update:  Since the posters will be presented by Zoom, each presenter should prepare one slide that can be viewed in Zoom.  We will provide additional instructions.

Deadline for Proposals:  September 1, 2021 

Deadline for abstracts is September 1.